Measure Size

How to Measure Dress Size?

To determine your US dress size, you need to measure your Waist, Hips (Seat) and Bust. But don´t worry, measuring is easy. See illustration and guide below.

Bust: Measure circumference around the bust at the fullest part. Use a flexible measuring tape, and keep it parallel with the floor. 

Waist: Measure your body around your natural waistline. Your waistline is usually just above your belly button (narrowest part of torso). Not sure where you waistline is? Stand in front of a mirror, and bend to one side. Your waistline is simply where you can see a natural indentation in torso on this side. 

Hips (seat): Measure circumference around your hips (seat) at the fullest part.

Dress Length Illustration:

Dress length is the length from transition between shoulder and neck and down to the hemline of the dress.

Dress length is sometimes reffered to as hemline .

See illustration below for different dress lengths. These are typical dress lengths used by many dress manufacturers.

How to Measure Shoe Size:

Step one(1): Sit on a chair, and place your feet on a blank paper sheet (one by one)

Step two(2) Draw the outline of your foot all the way around it. That way you will make a "footprint" on the paper.

Step three(3) Use your drawing to measure your foot size: Measure with a ruler or measure tape from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. That way you will find your 

foot length measurement. At the same time, also measure the foot width (measurement between the widest points of the foot).

How to Measure Leg Length (Inseam)

(Take jeans as an example)Leg Length (Inseam): Measure from your crotch to your ankle (where you want your jeans leg to end). Ask a friend for help measuring! If you already own a pair of perfect fitting jeans, simply do your measurement on those jeans. Start at the crotch seam and measure to the bottom of the pant leg.

How to choose the size?

If you don't know how to measure your body size, that's not a problem. If you already have the Suitable clothes, just take measurements on the right clothes to find out about your body size range. After comparing the product's description size, Choose the size of the most comfortable range.If your size is between two sizes, it is recommended to choose a larger size to make sure it fits.